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General Practitioners

The word general practitioner is used to describe how a doctor is trained it means exactly that. There training is general and not specialised a doctor usually has such a wide variety of training they literally are a specialist at everything that is health related. To really know exactly how a GP operates one must understand , time constraints, training, special interests and much more. A GP is usually highly trained above there university degree in one thing such as paediatrics, aged care, mental health or other specialised nieches you may think of.


A GP St Ives generally will work with anyone and everyone. If you have a high risk condition it is always recommended that you seek help with someone who has extra training in your particular field of needs. Finding a GP that specialises in certain field can be extremely hard. If you need help feel free to contact us and ask for advice. We are here to serve the public and be of aid. Not all GP’s will have the time to answer direct questions about there training we aim to minimize the gruelling process of finding a doctor that can traet your condition with confidence.


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