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My experience in the medical field has definatly taught me not all GP / Doctor’s are created equal. Some GP’s are in a rush while other’s are happy to take there time. In finding a great GP it is important to always remember to ask great questions. A good GP will have there staff trained on knowledge of there exact expertise. A great GP will have a network of excellent health providers who can contribute to help you in whatever your needs may be including psychologists, chirocpractor’s and much more.

A great GP / Doctor Always

  • takes there time and will run longer consults if need be
  • hears your worries and concerns
  • takes blood tests if they are unsure of what is wrong
  • leaves a feeling that they care
  • knows your family history of health ailments
  • is easy to talk to
  • is happy to communicate and provide refferals of other health professionals

What to watch out for

A GP or doctor you do not want

  • rushes
  • does not pay attention to your story
  • ignores your concerns
  • has not asked about family medical background
  • does not care
  • does not remember you even though you have been seeing them for years
  • does not have a network of local allied health support
  • is always hours late for booked appointments

Just because your general practitioner displays one of the above points does not make the someone to look out for but rather if your GP displays several of the above characteristics it may be rtime to look for someone new.


The Elderly

If you are elderly or looking after an elderly person having a GP that provides high quality health care is amazingly important. In having someone as a patient who is prone to infection, accidents, disease and poor health should bring out the best in a health care practitioner. This is not always the case, and in many cases the more difficult cases can become tiresome for the GP and simply the case burns them out.

Child Care

A GP should always have a child’s best interest at heart and in general 99% of the time the treating doctor does everything they can for a suffering child. However not all GP’s have above and beyond extra training in child care and if your child has complicated health concerns it is important to consitantly monitor the GP to make sure they have training in traeting that condition in children. This can come across as a challenge to the GP and or the patient as know one really likes asking hey do you know what your doing.

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